VMR Performance, LLC provides many aftermarket engine management solutions from full standalone conversions to plug and play solutions with CAN-BUS support so all your factory gauges work as intended.

These systems are for off-road use only

The 2 engine manangement solutions that we promote here are the Motec M1 Series, and AEM Infinity.

Motecs vision is lightyears beyond plus we have the development package

  1. Seamless integration with most vehicles
  2. Potential to support any trigger pattern
  3. CAN-BUS support directly configurable in ECU
  4. Possibilies are almost whatever you can imagine
  5. Pretty much better at everything compared to any standalone available

AEM Infinty is great and has many features

  1. Its cheap
  2. Airflow based calculations
  3. Supports up to 10 cylinders
  4. Closed loop fuel control
  5. Closed loop boost control
  6. Flex fuel compensated fuel, ignition and boost
  7. Many engine protections
  8. Traction control

Although we offer plug and play support to make the AEM infinty system work with your newer CAN-BUS enabled vehicle we recommend Motec M1

If you are looking into a standalone engine management system and have any questions, please feel free to call us.

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